Propolis Vs Drug Syntetic

Propolis Vs Drug Syntetic

Propolis or synthetic drugs that we choose when our children are sick? When the child fell sick and we went to the doctor, the doctor will usually prescribe the following: fever-lowering drugs, cure illness, vitamins, synthetic antibiotics or other drugs. And general medicine the doctor if taken hold menurus it will give side effects for children's development.

So what the ultimate Propolis compared to synthetic drugs?

Propolis is a natural remedy provided by nature to humankind. Propolis collected by honey bees from plants or young shoots and bark of trees, especially poplar tree. After that propolis mixed with enzymes from the bee itself.
Propolis is a 100% natural substance that contains many useful substances for health. Propolis is a natural antibiotic and non-toxic with no side effects.
Propolis Vs Drug Syntetic
Propolis Vs Drug Syntetic
It is certainly different from the synthetic drugs made in mass by altering their chemical structure that is similar to the original natural substance. The use of synthetic drugs continuously will cause negative effects either temporary or permanent, can generally lead to new disease for patients.
Propolis vs. synthetic drugs: Propolis besifat neutralizing toxins and synthetic drugs are generally toxic. Propolis is a natural antibiotic and synthetic drugs are antibiotics made. Propolis has no side effects and synthetic drugs can cause side effects if taken continuously. Propolis has multifunction be taken to improve the overall system when the body while synthetic drugs are generally manufactured specifically only for certain diseases.
Propolis ultimate more when compared to synthetic drugs. Propolis contains Bioflavanoid a role in enhancing the immune system (immune system). Bioflavanoid in propolis works by increasing the activity and multiply T lymphocytes and macrophages, which are very useful in memusnakhan foreign substances in the body such as bacteria, cancer cells / tumors and viruses.
Propolis also be consumed along with prescribed drugs without side effects. Now back to our choices, whether in maintaining the health of our children choose a synthetic drug or natural remedy provided by nature.

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