Royal Jelly Saving Secrets of Longevity

Royal Jelly Saving Secrets of Longevity

Royal Jelly aka queen bee milk is believed to keep the secret of youth and longevity. Royal Jelly research proves, the queen bee can live 40 times longer than worker bees for always taking Royal Jelly are very special
Royal Jelly is called dairy queen because of its form a thick white like milk. In a colony of bees, Royal Jelly is a special food that is only dedicated to the queen bee and the worker bees are not allowed to eat it.
One of the nutrients in royal jelly is royalactin, a protein that plays an important role in the growth process. That is why, the queen bee can grow to the size of 42 percent larger and 60 percent heavier than worker bees.
Not only that, the content royalactin also makes queen bees survive longer. If the worker bees live on average for 7 weeks alone, the queen bee can reach the age of 7 years, or about 40 times longer than worker bees.
Initially, experts suspect the difference in age and size of the queen bee with worker bees lies in genetic factors. However, a recent study in Japan showed that royal jelly over a role in shaping caste differences in a weak colony.

To prove it, Dr. Masaki Kamakura of Toyama Prefectural University compared the effects royalactin the queen bee with the fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster). Fruit flies are usually small in size, grew larger when fed royal jelly.
Royal Jelly Saving Secrets of Longevity
Royal Jelly Saving Secrets of Longevity
"The difference queen bee with worker bees not only on genetic factors, but rather on royal jelly. Even so the mechanism is not known for sure, "said Dr. Kamakura in a report published in the journal Nature, as quoted from Dailymail, Monday (25/04/2011).
In humans, the benefits of royal jelly has been known since the time of Ancient Egypt. Queens of the time used to beautify the skin, whilst in the burial process as a mixture of honey is used to preserve dead bodies to be mummified.
While at the present time, various beauty products are also used for royal jelly is believed to inhibit the aging process causes dull skin and wrinkles. Herb plants libido or sex drive is also much use of royal jelly as it is believed to boost vitality.

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