Pure Honey

Pure Honey

Since the beginning of human history, the honey bee is the most popular product that people used as medicine, food, beauty treatments, seasonings and even partially embalmed mummy. All scripture is believed mankind privilege honey contains both the Qur'an, Bible, Torah, and also in the Vedas and the Tripitaka.
"... From the belly of bees that come out drink (honey) of varying colors, in which there is healing for mankind ..." (An-Nahl 68-69)
What Is pure honey? Pure honey is a liquid that is inhaled by the flower nectar into honey bee honey in his body bag. Nectar of flowers that have been processed in the bee smoked mixed with certain enzymes and then released back to the place of storage of honey in the hive.
Composition Ingredients pure honey pure honey is very diverse depending on the source of nectar which the bees get it. But wherever nektarnya, pure honey is an excellent source of complete nutrition. Pure honey contains Vitamin-Mineral, Protein, carbohydrate substances, hormones, antibiotics and trace Elemen.Vitamin A, all kinds of vitamin B complex, beta carotene, Vitamin C, D, E and K.Mineral in the form of salt: Mg, S, Fe, Ca, Cl, K, Y, Na, Cu, and Mn. Pure honey contains active enzymes that can not be in the production of human beings. The enzyme is the most important ingredient in honey that serves as the continuity of the chemical reactions and the system of biological metabolism in the body. Enzymes Enzymes in honey is the best we can get from all the food there.
Honey Benefits/ Health Benefit Honey
Pure Honey
Pure Honey
Improve stamina, vitality and energy.
New wound healing, burns.
Pain in joints
Fever, warm the body.
Stomach pain.
Smoothing the skin. (Mask / scrub)
Dry up acne
Good for baby.
Accelerate healing.

Where can I get pure honey? How do I obtain a good honey / pure? Based on a market survey in the United States data showed that nearly 80% of honey in the country market is counterfeit or not genuine. It also does not cover the possibility occurred in Indonesia.
Tips to buy Pure honey:
Purchase pure honey straight from the farm at harvest honey bees.
If you do not know where bee farm to buy pure honey beekeepers are reliable (nationally recognized its existence)
Have pure honey scent, color and flavor are typical depending on the type of nectar the bees suck.
Pour the honey into a glass of water, pure honey directly settles and does not mix with water, so the water tetep clear.
Tips on not proved 100% correct because that distinguish pure honey and False can only be proven by laboratory testing.
RAJA MADU MADU RAJA HONEY by BPIHP testing laboratory (Industrial Research Institute of Agriculture), Bogor,   Raja Madu Madu Raja Pure honey contains an enzyme diastase which is still active. This is due to pure honey Raja Madu Madu Raja had no Pasteurisation (unpasteurized honey) once extracted the honey from the bee hive. pasteurization but can decrease the activity of the enzyme may also damage the vitamin and mineral content of natural honey.
Raja Madu Madu Raja provide pure honey from the nectar of various flowers are pure honey Kapok, Rambutan pure honey, Mutiflora pure honey, pure honey longan and pure honey mango. All the honey is harvested from the beefarm

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