Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen

YOU WANT LONGEVITY, STAY YOUNG, RESISTANT TO DISEASE, taking BEE POLLEN IS THE ANSWER. WORLD HAS BEE POLLEN USSAGE PROVE from THE AGE OF ANCIENT EGYPT TO THE PRESENT TIME. Average Russian population over the age of 100 years thanks to God because consuming Bee Pollen.
What is Bee Pollen? Pollen is the male reproductive element in plants whose like soft golden yellow powder .Pollen found on plants flower stamens. Each pollen grain contains 100,000 to 5 million pollen spores that have the ability to form reproductive plants.

Bee Pollen edible honey bee

How to Collect Bee Pollen? Besides sucking honey, bees also collect pollen, that is by pollen from the stamen erode flower powder using a jaw and his front leg. After pollen moistened with honey bees then rear leg will include pollen comb comb and put to pollenbag the pollen that is in the backfoot. Raja Madu Madu Raja Bee Farm harvest bee pollen by installing special traps (pollen trap) in front of the entrance of the box so that the pollen bees will fall before brought into the hive. The pollen granules dried up to keep it fresnesh

Composition of Bee Pollen:

Bee Pollen contains 18 amino acids, 8 of them essential, 12 vitamins, 28 minerals, enzymes, coenzymes, 14 essential fatty acids, 11 carbohydrates and 30% protein.

bee pollen benefits:

Beepollen for weight loss
bee pollen for allergies
Increase IQ
Prevent some cancers
Bee Pollen
Bee Pollen
Impotent, menoupouse, infertility
High blood pressure.
Weak blood capillaries.
Diet, peptic ulcer disease
Prostate disorders.
Varicose veins.

Historical Use of Bee Pollen Queen

Cleopatra: The Secret of her beauty and youth are preserved by soaking in a rich honey bee pollen. Roman warrior: bringing pastries made of Beepollen, honey and oats to add more energy in war.Cicero (106-43SM) : almost all the houses in the Roman store honey and bee pollen as protector to their health.

Expert Opinions and Modern Medical World

Mme. Aschenasy Leru, Head of the French Scientific Research center: Pollen contains 40-80% free glutamic acid (which is not produced human body) can prevent blood clots in the brain, increasing IQ, including mental retardation and concentration.
Prof. Tsitsin Vasilleivich Nicolai, Chairman of Russia's institute of Biology and Botany: When researching Russian citizens aged over 100 years. Apparently more than 200 respondents surveyed all maintain bees. And they eat the residue of honey as a main meal rich in bee pollen.
How to Use Bee Pollen Supplement for health and beauty.
Bee Pollen can be eaten directly as a snack for the Diet.
Bee Pollen has mashed mixed with other bee products such as honey and royal jelly for fitness, vitality and health.
Bee Pollen (MASK) mixed with honey and royal jelly is organic food that very good for smoothing and rejuvenating the skin.

Side effects of bee pollen

Bee pollen not good to consumed by people who have alergy to honey, and bee products. The simple way to test is to add a little honey to your hand, if there is itch in your hand after you stick the honey to your hand, we can say that you allergic to honey; so avoid the bee pollen :)

where can i find bee pollen?

You can find bee pollen in your local beekeper. Ussually they collect bee pollen instead of honey.

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